Lawyer Drops Misty Cummings As Client
First her husband dumps her, and now her lawyer has parted ways with Misty Cummings. Attorney, Robert Fields dropped Misty as a client after she didn’t follow his advice and appeared on the CBS Early Show. Seems like all the rats are jumping off the sinking ship.
Cops: Husband Shot Soccer Mom As She Chatted On Webcam
You may remember Meleanie Hain as the soccer mom who made headlines last year for carrying a holstered handgun to her five year old daughter’s soccer games on September 11th, but the gun did her very little good on Friday night. Her husband Scott murdered her by shooting her while she chatted with a friend online.
Dad Arrested For Shooting 4-Year-Old Son
Anthony Dunn, idiot, accidently shot his 4-year-old son in the thigh. He was only charged with child neglect and reckless handling of a gun. What do you want bet that the gun was unregistered.
Bride-to-Be Ivanka Trump: Work Before Babies
Ivanka Trump will not be rushing to have babies after she marries Jared Kushner on 25 October. Her focus will be on her career. She isn’t ready for the “compromise” that parenting takes.

Victoria Beckham Joins The Other Mothers At School Fair…Wearing £11.5k Outfit
Victoria Beckham wore an £11,500 ($18,190 give or take a few cents), and still manages to look like a fashion disaster.