It’s finally raining here in Northern California (And the way the way wind is blowing I am expecting more trees in my neighborhood to fall.). So I dug my son’s raincoat out of the back of the closet, only to find that this is the last season he probably will be able to wear it. I’ve gotten my money’s worth, I bought it for my oldest over a dozen years ago…for less than $15. So now I’ve started looking for a new raincoat. I want something traditional and yellow, not so easy to find these days. Here is what I’ve come up with:

Petit Bateau Yellow Raincoat, £50.
The price seems very expensive, but if I get a size 12 he should be able to wear it for at least three or four years. He’s barely growing.

Elka Rain Set, £28.
Pants and a jacket, for half the price.

Rain Set, £29.50.
The biggest size is an 8, so he would only be able to wear it for a season or two.

All the prices are in British Pounds because I couldn’t find what I wanted here. But all three items are available for international shipping.