Attorney: Ron Cummings Doubts Wife’s Story
What took him so long to see all of the holes in Misty’s story? And if the mother took Haleigh, wouldn’t she have taken the little brother too. Misty just needs to come clean with the fact that she went out that night and someone took the little girl while she was out partying.

Judge: Abortion Laws Protect Girl Who Sought Pregnancy-Ending Beating
This judge is an idiot. The 17year-old was 7 month pregnant. That isn’t an abortion, the odds were in favor of that baby being born alive. The $150 beating would be an illegal abortion at best if it happened during the first trimester. And the reason she did this, because her boyfriend threatened to leave her if she didn’t have an abortion. If they wanted an abortion they should have had one during the first trimester. And yes, the baby was born full term and is in foster care. But the girl is seeking custody of the baby, and if unsuccessful the grandmother will try to gain custody.

DNA Leads To Suspect After 19 Years, FBI Says
Dennis Earl Bradford was arrested after 19 years for the rape and attempted murder of then 8-year-old, Jennifer Schuett. He kidnapped her from her bedroom, raped her, slashed her throat, and left her for dead. Thank God it getting harder and harder for these monsters to hide from justice.

Adorable Photos Of Celebrities Taking Their Kids To The Pumpkin Patch
Is there only one pumpkin patch in Hollywood? You know the celebs are only there with their kids because the paparazzi are there. That’s Dannilynn Birkhead with Larry.