There is bumper crop of innovative strollers coming out of Europe in the next year. Patron will be introducing the Terix 3. It is a stroller designed for urban living, complete with a host of accessories, including covers and foot covers designed for hot and cold weather.

* full-aluminum 3-wheel chassis,
* comfort suspension,
* unique „edgeFlow” design,
* clip-A-go modular interface,
* built-in hand-operated brake system,
* height and angle adjustable handlebar,
* wheels – front 10” solid / rear 12” inflatable,
* reflexive safety marks

  • detachable, reversible, tilt-in space function,
  • adjustable footrest,
  • ergonomic backrest with enhanced lateral fixation and headrest,
  • removable PENTEX upholstery,
  • removable comfort insert for smaller babies,
  • adjustable safety bar,
  • 5-point harness with shoulder pads,
  • hood with summer mesh,
  • reflexive safety marks

You know when a stroller is designed for the European market by just looking at the storage basket. They aren’t designed for carrying half of your baby’s belongings in. And there is no word if the stroller will be gracing the shores of North America.