Update: Celine is no longer her husband announced. While it is very sad, it is not a surprising outcome. My question is why are they still working with their doctor. He announced to the press that she was pregnant, before it was even clear if she really was. I would go pick up my embryos and take them to another doc. He should be fired for putting all her business out in the streets. I guess all the fancy credentials in the world can’t stop someone from being a media whore.

Update: Celine just got her positive pregnancy test result this week. That is very early for a public announcement, the risk of early miscarriage is very high (even higher at her age). They haven’t even heard the heartbeat yet. I wonder if someone leaked the story to the press. Hopefully everything goes well.

Good news for those trying to have a baby via IVF. Celine’s embryos were eight years old. The cost of storing those embryos on ice is totally worth it.

Making good on her expressed desire to have more children, Céline Dion is pregnant.

A family member tells PEOPLE, “We learned this morning.” While a rep for the 41-year-old singer confirmed the news to various outlets saying, “Celine and René are very happy,” and “They are crazy in love over the news … they are overjoyed.”

Herself the product of a family of 14, Dion only learned of her condition on Monday, reports Tuesday’s Journal de Montreal, after she and her husband, René Angélil, 67, conceived with the help of a team of fertility doctors in New York.

The couple’s one child together, son René-Charles, was born January 2001. The rep tells ET Canada that he “starts his first day of private school today.”

Angélil also has three other children from two previous marriages.

According to reports in the French language press, Dion, whose concert tour ended in March, took time off this spring to concentrate on becoming a mother again. She also visited the clinic of Dr. Zev Rosenwaks , (I thought I would include a link to the good doctor for all of those out there suffering from infertility. And this guy has exquisite credentials. If you are spending a fortune to conceive you might as well get the best.) the Manhattan-based fertility expert who helped with the birth of René-Charles.

Quoting a previous interview the newspaper had conducted with Angélil, the Journal reports that “everything hinges on the pregnancy” in terms of Dion’s future professional plans – and that a pregnancy now could conceivably delay the singer’s scheduled return to Las Vegas in fall 2010.