I’m not one of those parents who refuses to let their kids play with brightly colored plastic toys that make noise. I could live without the noise, but I know that the world isn’t going to end if a toy isn’t wooden and educational. But I still don’t understand why Hasbro’s Transformer’s Revenge of the Fallen Construction Devastator is so popular. Sure it’s a huge Transformer made up of six smaller Transformers, but those Transformers don’t have individual robot modes. And you know that it’s going to be hard for the average kid to put together.It also costs like $100.

But did my kid ask for it? Yes. And did I buy it? Yes. And it wasn’t easy to find. But I found it at the second Target I went to, it was sold out online. And it only was $80. Do I feel like I paid too much? Of course. I think that Hasbro should have marketed this thing more toward fanboy collectors and not to children, who are usually broke due to the fact that they are just children after all.

I will write a review after the wee tyrant plays with on Christmas morning.