Here is another stroller that will probably never see America’s shores. Designed for a densely populated urban country, the Curio Avventura is narrow enough to fit through a Japanese subway ticket gate. And it is a stroller designed for parents who aren’t driving huge SUVs, it can fit in the back of a small car.

There is a normal version of the stroller, the A and a sports version, the R. By replacing the front wheels the Avventura R can be used off road, as a jogger, or as a bicycle trailer.


The stroller comes in four different frame colors: black, yellow, orange, and olive green with a choice of a black or grey seat. Sooner or later you will be able to purchase the seats in additional covers. It is rather unusual that a stroller has more color options for the frame than the seat, but the yellow and black reminds me of Bumblebee from Transformers.


I think the stroller is perfect, but others may find a few problems with it. The seat doesn’t seem to recline, so it can only be used after the baby can sit well on its own. Curio is recommending it for kids 6months to 3 years. And the handle seems fixed at 940mm (about 37inches). Not so great if you are tall. And there is no cupholder. But the tubing is a lightweight 22mm alluminum bicycle pipe, so you can use bicycle accessories. So add your own cupholder, lights, or even one of those cute bicycle bells.

The stroller will cost 69,000 yen ($755) for the type A and 78,000 yen ($854)for the type R.  The Curio Avventura will be available in Japan in early 2010.