We overheard some chatter yesterday that kept us updated on some good blind item material! Friends of this Disney star gossiped that although she is young and cute with a clean image, she’s well on her way to trouble. The star they were gabbing about is underage, but is very talented in taking all types of drugs, even through ways we’ve never heard of! The friends seemed concerned about the drug use, but laughed off the fact that she is sleeping with two different older men, one that is involved with her career. Right now this star seems to be enjoying her life in the fast lane, but we wonder how long it will be until the lifestyle catches up to her!
Not Miley Cyrus.

 Could it be Selena Gomez, with one of the men being David Henrie. I hope not. She seems so sweet, and her parents are always around her. Even though I get the Thong Song stuck in my head every time I hear her new song. There is always Demi Lovato.