A few years ago when I was pregnant I wrote an email to gDiapers asking if they were ever going to make a diapering option for babies smaller than 8lbs, and got this reply:

Thank you for your email!  While we would love to offer a size for newborns smaller than 8lbs, we simply aren’t ready to take it on.  We have only been on the shelves for a little less than 2 years and don’t yet offer as many sizes as we’d like.  You may want to have another diaper option on hand for those first few pounds, but babies grow so quickly!  I’m sure the small will fit before you know it :0)

Well it looks like gDiapers has finally grown large enough to offer diapers for wee babies. The tiny gPants are designed for babies who weigh between 6 and 10 pounds. They are more like the snap in liners used on the other covers, and have words that start with g all over them. The covers fasten in the back with Velcro. There are also snaps in the front to protect tender umbilical cords.

It’s nice to know that a cloth diapering company realizes that not everyone has big babies. Some of us still have tiny babies and now there is a diapering system for them. 

The New Baby Bundle contains a dozen tiny gPants cover, 6 little gPants, and a case of small gRefills (160 liners).  $149.99