Rielle Hunter has given a tell-all interview to GQ Magazine. She was able to go to GQ instead of a grocery checkout tabloid because she was smart enough to have sex with a presidental contender instead of some d-lister. And she is guilty of giving too much information. Someone should tell this woman that no matter what she thinks she is a marriage wrecking tramp. She would be nothing but a notch in John Edwards’ belt if she hadn’t gotten pregnant.

She gives all the details of her affair with John Edwards, and even goes so far as to pretend that she didn’t know who he was. No excuse! Once he told her his name, she knew he was married.

I think Rielle still thinks she is going to end up with John in the end. But John Edwards isn’t stupid, he knows that if he wants any type of political or legal career that he needs to find someone else.  Because she has made him a joke. 

And if the two aren’t together by the end of the year, I fully expect her to write her own tell-all book. Here is the link to GQ’s whole sorrid interview. (And just don’t you just love how she tries to be sexy yet classy in her white shirt and pearls.)