Since everyone seems to love my posts where I point out which J. Crew pieces could be used for maternity, I am updating it with new pieces for April.

 Shirred Racer Back Gown, $78

There are a couple new colors of the tissue pleated tee, $45.

Luxe Terry Un-Sweatpants. I haven’t worn sweats since middle school, so I’m not loving these. But a lot of women live in sweats while they are pregnant. Just wear them pushed under your belly. The slim fit will keep you from looking like a slob.  $59.50

Lena Isle Dress, $59.50

Lilac Showers Shift Dress. I read somewhere that the dress is looser than it seems in the picture. $59.99

When is J. Crew going to realize that there is a real market for maternity. A lot of women are addicted to J. Crew and loathe giving up the brand while they are pregnant.