Fleur De Lawn
I love this drought resistant lawn seed mixed with strawberry clover, mini daisies, Sweet Alyssum, and other tiny flowers. It’s not a high traffic lawn, but would be lovely surrounding a path. I’m trying to do something similar with bluebells and violets in my back lawn. $29.99/lb.

Haleigh’s Family Told To Make Funeral Arrangements, Did Cops Find Body?
The police have told Haleigh Cummings’ family how to have the girl officially declared dead. They can either wait 7 years for the State of Florida to issue a death certificate, or they can request a judge to issue a certificate before the 7 years have lapsed.

This Is Apple’s Next iPhone
Apple managed to lose the next generation iPhone and Gizmodo got their hands on it. Looks like the new hardware will have a forward facing camera, and an improved back camera with flash. The back is also flat and their is an aluminum frame all around the thing. But I main uses for the phone (besides being a phone) are the camera apps.

Lauren London On The Controversy Surrounding Her Pregnancy: ‘It Did Hurt My Feelings’
Lauren London discusses her pregnancy and baby boy(Whose name she has managed to keep private for 6months), and Lil’ Wayne.