The iPhone is the new toy camera. I love how I can just pop it out and take a picture. And pretty decent ones at that. I have printed photos that I have taken with my iPhone 3GS up to 8×8. And I think I could push that up to 10×10 without much loss of picture quality. Here are some of my favorite photo apps (Most of them give photos a cool retro look.):

Lo-Mob has 28 different film effects. Also the app develops all the various effects at once, so the time needed to preview the photos is shorter. It was the first camera app that I bought. $1.99

Film Lab
Film Lab is an improvement on Retro Camera. Film Lab simulates the look of various classic film stocks. And unlike Retro Camera you can save your photos in full resolution, so you can create prints that are larger than wallet sized. I just wish it had the ability to play around with grain size. $0.99

I love Hipstamatic so much that I replaced the phone app with it. It is right there next to the Safari and iPod apps. You pay $1.99 for the standard equipment pack which contains 3 lens, 3 films and a flash. Then if you find that you love the app (And you will love it.) you can purchase several expansion packs for $0.99

The people behind Hipstamatic have come out with a new app, SwankoLab. It aims to recreate the feel of the darkroom. You can even mix up and save your formulas. The $1.99 purchase price  gives you access to 8 “chemicals”, and for an additional $1.99 you can purchase a lifetime subscription that gives you 9 more chemicals and free chemicals with each update. It’s fun to play with, but I don’t find myself going to it as much the other three.

The one problem with a lot of these apps is that they create square photos instead of the standard rectangular ones. I have found a photo lab that creates square photos starting at 5 inches. And I just love the Fuji Pearl paper, it gives the prints a beautiful metallic finish that is hard to recreate on a computer screen. Warning, it can give some Hipstamatic prints a green tint. myPhotopipe.