PetitNest Alouette Crib

A lot of baby products are created by parents who couldn’t find a solution to their baby care problem. But how often is that parent a Hollywood star. Okay, how often is the parent a Hollywood star and the product still looks good. “White Collar” star, Tiffani Thiessen and “Design Star” finalist Lonni Paul have paired to introduce PetitNest, a line of extremely beautiful baby furniture and bedding.


PetitNest Perrin Crib

PetitNest Noe Dresser



I have fallen in love with the Alouette crib. It will be priced around $1600 and will be available in a choice of beech, walnut, or white. The bedding will be priced in the $600 range. Sadly, beauty is very expensive. Of course everything is made of quality materials in America. So you’re getting what you paid for. The line will be available to purchase next month.