One of the problems with Orbit Baby’s new Sidekick Stroller Board is that it doesn’t work with with the first generation stroller chassis. Well, Orbit has come up with a solution and it rocks. Between now and 30 November you can upgrade from the 1st generation chassis to the G2 when you buy the stroller board. And the best part is that Orbit is offering the upgrade for almost 50% off  or $370. That’s a savings of $250 on the bundle.

There are two ways to purchase the Sidekick Bundle Upgrade:

Directly from Orbit. Email You will need the following information

  • The name of the person who registered the Generation 1 chassis
  • the date the stroller was manufactured (found on a silver sticker on the frame)
  • the serial number

From a participating store: For which you will need

  • The name of the registered owner
  • A photo of the silver serial number sticker

I’m thinking of upgrading my unused Orbit. I never managed to stay pregnant long enough to use it, and have lost the wheels and cargo pod. The cost of the upgrade isn’t much more than the replacement parts. And I can’t do anything with it in the current condition.

And on a side note. For all those worried about the narrowness of the car seat, don’t. My very skinny 11 year old sits in it to play. Of course, he is Rachel Zoe skinny, but he can fit.