I don’t think I’ve ever shown a photo of  my children’s faces, or any photo of my oldest son. But I love this picture so much that I wanted to share. My oldest son graduates from high school this year, and we needed a photo to go into the yearbook. Well, I couldn’t find a photographer that I liked.  It seems the trend is pseudo magazine shoots that all look the same  .  I wanted something very traditional that would still look good in fifty years. And there was the added problem that my son has autism. I wasn’t sure how a photographer would interact with him. So I shot it myself. And I love the result.

I stood him against the back wall of our little stucco house one afternoon and took about 50 photos. I picked two that I like and edited them using Picnik. I then let my son pick his favorite and sent it to Euphoria Imaging to even out his skin tone (with the directions not too lighten his skin). Then it was off to my photo printer, myPhotopipe. It all cost me less than the sitting fee of the other photographers, and I got precisely what I wanted. We still have to do the location shots, but I’m confident that the results will turn out well.

And it is hard to believe that this is the same boy who used to have red hair bordering on strawberry blonde. They do grow up so fast.