I’m not an art director or a party planner. I look at other blogs and think the bloggers want to be the next Martha. This is not one of those blogs. I know that I will never get a book deal. I can manage to mess up even the simplest of crafts, so if I plan on doing any they have to be ultra simple.

My little glitter pumpkins were inspired by a Martha Stewart project (That woman is the devil. And a lot of people forget that she has a huge team of people behind the scenes helping her.) It is so simple that even a three-year old couldn’t mess it up. You just slap some glue on a pumpkin and cover them in glitter. I used Martha Stewart glitter in Brownstone. It’s  more expensive but the glitter is very fine so it covers better.

I had to use orange rose petals because we don’t have any trees with large leaves that are changing color and I didn’t want to go buy any.