I found the perfect way of getting my Christmas cards made this year. I called it a craft project and made my sons and grandmother assemble them. This is a project that a tweens could accomplish easily. I do recommend glue instead of a blade if your children are younger.

What you will need:

  • a photo
  • a flat card
  • an envelope
  • a band for the envelope
  • a xacto knife, glue, or photo corners
  • a cutting board if you used the knife
  • tape

All you need to do is attach the photo to the card using your chosen method, stick it in the envelope, and wrap the belly band around the envelope. The band is secured to the envelope using a piece of tape on the back and a dot of glue on the top.

The photos (Which were taken on a rainy day when my youngest had a fever of 103. I needed a set up that would take no time, and the photo took less than 5 minutes. I think tug of war with tinsel would be so adorable with toddlers.) were printed using Fuji Pearl paper. The paper has a wonderful metallic quality. The tinsel is actually metallic red just like in real life. And the sky isn’t depressing gray, it’s a pale silver. I cannot say enough about how great the Fuji Crystal Pearl is.


Photos: MyPhotopipe Warning, it took two weeks for me to receive the photos. But they always print lovely pictures.

Cardstock and Envelopes: Paper Presentation. You can also find similar products at Paper Source.