I don’t believe that Baby Dior knows how much baby bottles actually costs. Because if they did they wouldn’t be charging $108 for a glass baby bottle with a canvas carrying case. The bottle, which is available at Barney’s, can be purchased in grey, pastel blue or pink. And your $108 doesn’t buy you any innovation, just a glass bottle with a silicone nipple.

How much do other glass baby bottles cost? A lot less. Here is a comparison.

Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Newborn Feeding Set,$24.95. Five bottles plus accessories.

Evenflo Classic Glass Bottles,$48.09. A dozen 8oz bottles.

Medela Breastmilk Bottle Set – 8oz $15.35. two bottles.

I don’t think Dior will be selling many of their bottle, unless the world is filled with more fashion victims than I imagined.