If you are a guy there are very few option for what to wear to prom. Unless you want to look at your pictures in ten years and cringe. Then there are tons of options.

White Tie-The classic penguin suit, make sure to wear with a pique vest. This is the option I am trying to get my son to go with. He wants something different. I want something traditional. I think this would be the perfect choice.

Classic Black Tuxedo Resist the urge to match your tie to your date’s dress. A matching tie always screams prom or wedding, and since certain colors trend each year it will date your photo. Stick with a black tie.

A White Dinner Jacket- Wear with a black tie and trousers to look like James Bond. If you wear white pants you will look New Jersey and not in a good way. (No offense to all the normal folks in Jersey.)

Remember that although prom is just one night the photos will last forever.

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