Everyone is wondering what Kate Middleton will be wearing to her wedding this week, but she won’t be marching down the aisle alone. She will be accompanied by a bevy of little bridesmaids, and according to British Vogue they will bespoke gowns by Nicki Macfarlane.  The couture quality dresses are made of the finest materials and have the little girl’s name embroidered inside of the dress. (Because being a flowergirl a chance for a little girl to be a princess.)

And if you can’t make it to her showroom, or can’t afford bespoke there is a ready to wear collection.

The names of the royal bridesmaids are :Lady Louise Windsor, daughter of Prince Edward. Grace Van Cutsems, god-daughter of Prince William. Eliza Lopes , granddaughter of the Duchess of Cornwall, William’s stepmother. And Margarita Linley, the daughter of Viscount Linley, grandson of the Queen.

photos by Nicki Macfarlane