Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony Fought Over Jealousy, Infidelity, and Control Didn’t Jennifer Lopez cheat on her last husband with Ben Affleck. Karma seems to be biting her in that big ole butt. And they seemed happy when Jennifer was at home most of the time, maybe Marc didn’t really want a working wife.

Casey Anthony Hiding: Is She in California We don’t want her here either. I wonder what she is going to do when she has rejoin the real world and do stuff like get a job. And I bet Scott Peterson is watching her case with a heart filled with envy.

Hypoallergenic Baby Food Fails to Prevent Allergies A study co-sponsored by baby food manufacturer, Nestle disputes the claims the company makes about their formula. Sucks to be them.

Safe Playgrounds Are Destroying Society We’re making children Nervous Nellies.