Orbit Baby is releasing it’s new double stroller in 2012. And they’ve posted video.

Face-to-face: As the only premium double stroller with front-and-back seats, Double Helix™ makes strolling-time sibling-time too
Live life in 360°: Dual SmartHub® rings rotate to face any situation, and allow your child to pop into the double seat by herself
2-in-1: Doubles for all – Helix is the only premium double stroller also available as an upgrade kit, ensuring that current Orbit Baby Stroller G2 owners can double two.  And it can be used with 2 car seats, which is something that many of the single/double strollers can’t do.
Family flexible: Flexes to fit – whether you have two kids on the go, or just one kid for the day, Helix flexes to fit your changing family life
6-wheel maneuverability: With 6 wheels and 24 QuadShock™ shock absorbers, the Double Helix steers anywhere and goes everywhere
Safe for your kids, good for our planet: Orbit Baby keeps your family healthy with the world’s first strollers and car seats using fabrics eco-certified safe by Oeko-Tex®

I love Orbit (It was the stroller I bought last time I was pregnant.), but the Double Helix looks like it would be hard to push for a short parent with short arms. And that poor little girl’s legs looked cramped.

Orbit is also coming out with a booster seat in colors to match the Color Packs.