Can the Duggars do anything in private? I don’t mean to sound cruel, but we don’t need to know when exactly she had her miscarriage. We don’t need to hear about her trip to the hospital afterwards. And we sure as hell didn’t need to read daily updates in the press.

A miscarriage is what started the Duggar baby factory. They viewed it as a sign from God. Maybe a premature baby and a late miscarriage is a sign from God that it is time for her to stop.

And if I sound cruel, I’ve been in her place. I had a premature baby in my early 20s, I had a problem with preterm labor in my mid 20s, and I had several miscarriages in my mid 30s. I took it as a sign that maybe my body wasn’t made for making babies. If I get pregnant again it will be true miracle because I’ve learned that maybe the Lord wants me to adopt. There are so many kids without homes why do I need to make my own.