Isn’t it amazing how your Christmas decorations can tell the history of your family. I was looking at the tree today and I was amazed that I knew the story behind almost every ornament. My tree may not look like a designer tree, but it records a million fleeting moments.

My oldest son made this ornament in preschool. He's in college now.

This is the newest. My 12yo made it at during his lunchtime.

My youngest son gave me the crystals as a gift last Christmas and Woodstock is from my youth.

Who is Woodstock without Snoopy? And what is Christmas without Snoopy?

My boys really used to love Pokemon.

A teddy bear from my oldest's 1st Christmas & a Care Bear from when I was a little girl.

My family gave me this Gucci Christmas ornament years ago because I used to wear a lot of Gucci. This is the first year he isn't hanging on the tree.

Do the ornaments on your tree remind you of the things you used to love? It really is a very simple way of recording your family’s interests.