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Christmas Books

Here are a couple of Christmas decorating books I’m thinking of buying. Don’t know why though. I’m not creative and have given up on trying. I’m sticking with super simple, super traditional Christmas decorations. I am no longer trying to keep up with all those blogging mommies with too much time on their hands. Martha Stewart I am not.

The Art of Gift Wrapping: 50 Innovative Ideas Using Organic, Unique and Uncommon Materials by Wanda Wen.$17

I will wrapping my gifts in gift wrap I bought on sale after last Christmas and ribbon. Said ribbon will be in plain bows. Any fancy bows will be store bought.

Christmas with the First Ladies: The White House Decorating Tradition from Jacqueline Kennedy to Michelle Obama.$20

I dream of a room with higher ceilings for one reason, I want a huge Christmas tree. But alas, my family wants to stay in our tiny house (despite the serious increasing risk of being shot), so it’s low ceilings for me.


Gift Wrapping Books

Before next Christmas I will be adding the following books to my library:

Presentations: A Passion for Gift Wrapping

Ribbon: The Art of Adornment

My Mother’s Clothes

I am inspired by the book My Mother’s Clothes to start a scrapbook about my clothes for my children. Clothes say a lot about who you are. Of course my clothes aren’t as glamorous as Jeannette Montgomery Barron’s’ mothers. My wardrobe is mainly J.Crew and Target, with a little Gucci and Dolce and Gabbana thrown into the mix. But the reasoning behind my purchases tells so much about what was going on in my life at the time.

Jeannette Montgomery Barron’s mother was a southern belle who married an heir to a Coca-Cola bottling fortune. Barron was inspired to write the book during her mother’s  five year struggle with Alzheimer’s. The book is a visual love letter to a mother slowly lost.

How To Potty Train Your Monster

How to Potty Train Your Monster may be a new potty training classic. It is a hilarious guide on how to a little monster, but the steps would work for a tot as well. $10.99

How To Steal A Dog by Barbara O’Conner

I picked up the school book fair flyer, and found this hilarious book description:

Ever since Georgina’s father left, her family has been living in their car. Desperate to improve their situation, she devises a plan to steal a dog and claim the reward. What happens next is the last thing Georgina expected.

Has the bad economy really come to this, a book that encourages homeless children to steal.

How to Steal A Dog, $6.99

The Szyk Haggadah

Passover will be starting soon, and if you are celebrating you probably have a copy or two of the Haggadah. The Szyk Haggadah is beautiful beyond anything you can imagine (unless your family is lucky enough to own an earlier copy of the masterpiece.) Bay Area antiquarian bookseller, Historicana used modern digital technology to photograph a complete set of the 1940 and used fine art giclee printing so that none of the beauty of the original would be lost. Historicana printed a just 300 copies of the book, which are printed on fine European paper and hand bound in leather and silk.

The book may just be the ultimate family heirloom and has the price tag to prove it…$8,500- $15,000. Maybe you can sell a child or two to pay for a copy. And here is the rest of it.

Little Golden Books

The Central Library of Baltimore is having an exhibition of the original illustrations from the Little Golden Books. If you don’t know what a little Golden Book is (which would require living on Mars), they are a classic series of children books launched in 1942. I think every American child since has owned or borrowed at least one. The exhibition will run from 2 March until 9 May.

There was also a book released about the history of the books released to mark the 65th anniversary. Golden Legacy, $26.40.

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