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Christmas Decoration History

Isn’t it amazing how your Christmas decorations can tell the history of your family. I was looking at the tree today and I was amazed that I knew the story behind almost every ornament. My tree may not look like a designer tree, but it records a million fleeting moments.

My oldest son made this ornament in preschool. He's in college now.

This is the newest. My 12yo made it at during his lunchtime.

My youngest son gave me the crystals as a gift last Christmas and Woodstock is from my youth.

Who is Woodstock without Snoopy? And what is Christmas without Snoopy?

My boys really used to love Pokemon.

A teddy bear from my oldest's 1st Christmas & a Care Bear from when I was a little girl.

My family gave me this Gucci Christmas ornament years ago because I used to wear a lot of Gucci. This is the first year he isn't hanging on the tree.

Do the ornaments on your tree remind you of the things you used to love? It really is a very simple way of recording your family’s interests.


Easter Craft Project For The Non-Crafty

I have been meaning to make glittered Easter eggs for the longest time, and I finally got around to it. The results were so pretty. I have to keep my craft projects simple because I don’t have a crafty bone in my body, but this was simple enough for a 4year old. (Probably the reason mine turned out well.)

I used plastic eggs from Michael’s, but this is a project you could do with blown out eggs or even your boiled eggs. I also used the Martha Stewart glitter from Michael’s in Turquoise and Tourmaline for a more grown up take on the traditional Spring colors of pink and blue.

The eggs are currently being displayed in a pressed glass candy bowl on  mirrored table. The reflections and the sparkle are so lovely.

Here are Martha Stewart’s original directions.

Pretty Boxes

I never knew that the Twelve Days of Christmas came after Christmas (26 Dec-6 Jan). The Twelve Days of Christmas Kit was inspired by a San Francisco family’s tradition of hanging little boxes filled with gifts on the Christmas tree. The kit comes with everything needed to hang 12 heirloom quality boxes, a booklet describing the history of the 12 Days of Christmas, a gift givers guide, and a handy card to carry with you to see if a gift will fit in the box.

If the $70 kit isn’t in your budget, you can always do the same thing with almost any tiny gift box or bag.

And don’t you just love the little boxes hung over the fireplace.

Christmas Decorating Ideas

Here are more Christmas decorating ideas that I have clipped.

You don’t have to have a huge tree to make an impact.
I think this a project I will do with my boys during Winter break.
I love the candy canes.

Some Of My Favorite Christmas Decorating Ideas

Over the next few days I’m going to try and post some of the Christmas decorating ideas that I have clipped over the years. I will start with the photos that I don’t have source information for. If anybody knows where these photos came from leave the information in the comment section so I can post it.


Pumpkin Carving Ideas From Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart always has the most creative ideas for carving pumpkins. A team of art directors helps, but sometimes the ideas are simple enough for those of us without the crafting gene.

Pumpkin Owls

Mouse Motel

Glittered Pumpkins

I love the owls most of all. Click here to see more ideas.

Easter Egg Centerpiece

I was going to make glittered eggs to decorate with for Easter, but then my youngest son got sick and I couldn’t make it to Michael’s to buy the glitter. So I think I will do something along these lines. But in my favorite brass dish. Will post pictures of the centerpiece later.

Other Easter Posts

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