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I need to throw a party so that I can serve champagne like this.



Safeway Fruit Sodas

I am such a packaging groupie. I actually changed grocery stores because I loved the can of the Safeway store brand soda. It looks pretty sitting in my refrigerator.

Products I’m Loving

Re-Serve high chair by Re-Produkte, €160

Daylesford Organic Milk, making me wish I lived in Britian £1.15

Snap Capps, to convert a can of soda into an easy to tote bottle. $9.88 for 4

Kor One Water Vessel

If you have kids you need to send water to school with them. Do you really want them putting their mouths on a faucet that never is really cleaned. But you don’t want to send them to school with a bottle that will just be thrown away. I have banned plastic water bottles from my home, even though Grandma manages to sneak home with one from church almost every Sunday. The Kor One water bottle has a hinged cap that can be open and closed with one hand, and is shaped in a way that fits well in the hand. And has a wide mouth so you can put in ice cube, all the better on 105 degree days. And it is BPA free, so you don’t have to worry about your wee one growing a third limb. $30

Juice Boxes For Kids

After last weeks warning about the massive quantity of sugar in Capri Sun I have found some healthier options. If you live in Europe there are Innocent Drinks smoothies for kids. These cartons have no added anything. The ingredients are listed right there on the website and they are all pronounceable. Here in the US there is First Juice which trains little taste buds to like less sweet drinks. And then there is Bot Beverage’s fortified flavored water. They cost more than traditional juice boxes, but think of what you will save in dental bills.

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