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Christmas Books

Here are a couple of Christmas decorating books I’m thinking of buying. Don’t know why though. I’m not creative and have given up on trying. I’m sticking with super simple, super traditional Christmas decorations. I am no longer trying to keep up with all those blogging mommies with too much time on their hands. Martha Stewart I am not.

The Art of Gift Wrapping: 50 Innovative Ideas Using Organic, Unique and Uncommon Materials by Wanda Wen.$17

I will wrapping my gifts in gift wrap I bought on sale after last Christmas and ribbon. Said ribbon will be in plain bows. Any fancy bows will be store bought.

Christmas with the First Ladies: The White House Decorating Tradition from Jacqueline Kennedy to Michelle Obama.$20

I dream of a room with higher ceilings for one reason, I want a huge Christmas tree. But alas, my family wants to stay in our tiny house (despite the serious increasing risk of being shot), so it’s low ceilings for me.


Thanksgiving Outfit of the Day

Here’s my Thanksgiving OOTD. Everything is stretchy so that I can eat all I like.

Gucci Sweater

J.Brand Maria Jeans- They are so soft it is like wearing tights. I may not even have to undo any buttons.

J.Crew Bracelet

Nixon 51-30 Watch

Gap City Flats- The most comfortable shoes I own, but the quality is crap. They fall apart after a few wears.

And Gran’s bed has been ready for Christmas for weeks.

And when I went to pick up Thanksgiving dinner I was surprised about how pretty the packaging was. It was a sea of white bags and orange bows.

Thanksgiving Recipes

Here are some of the recipes that I have cooked over the past few Thanksgivings.

Lemon and Herb Roasted Chicken– I just increase everything to turkey sized.

Sourdough Stuffing with Sausage, Apples and Raisins

Potato Gratin

Green Beans with Lemon and Oil– My favorite way to eat green beans. There is no way that I would eat green beans drenched in mushroom soup and fake onions.

Sweet Potatoes with Orange Caramel Glaze

Oven Baked Toffee Apples


What will I be cooking this year? Nothing…I’m getting Thanksgiving dinner from my favorite restaurant.

Halloween Prep

Pumpkin…check. Black cat…check. It’s starting to look a lot like Halloween.

Hipstamatic settings: Float Film and Lucas AB2 lens

It’s Pumpkin Carving Time

Halloween seems like the new Christmas, with pumpkins instead of trees and ornaments. I blame Martha Stewart, and her elaborately carved pumpkins. The templates can be found here. This is a list of the supplies you will need to carved a pumpkin that will make Martha proud.

The Dremel Pumpkin Carving Kit is designed to take some of the hard work out of cutting through a thick pumpkin. But I think these two pumpkin carving sets are so much more beautiful. The materials make them heirloom quality. The Brass and Walnut Pro Pumpkin Carving Tool Kit costs $27.50. The Seasons Deluxe Classic Carving Kit would make a wonderful gift, and at $19.99 isn’t much more than those orange plastic carving kits.

But if you’re like me you’re not crafty. Don’t waste your time carving a pumpkin that is just going to get mushy and have to be thrown away. Carve a Funkin and have your hard work last forever. Or if you’re really as untalented as I am, have someone else carve your pumpkins. Ask your florist or contact Masterpiece Pumpkins.

Update: TMZ also has templates to carve celebrity faces such as Madonna, Steve Jobs, and Charlie Sheen into your pumpkin. And they’re free.

Christmas Decorating Ideas

Here are more Christmas decorating ideas that I have clipped.

You don’t have to have a huge tree to make an impact.
I think this a project I will do with my boys during Winter break.
I love the candy canes.

Some Of My Favorite Christmas Decorating Ideas

Over the next few days I’m going to try and post some of the Christmas decorating ideas that I have clipped over the years. I will start with the photos that I don’t have source information for. If anybody knows where these photos came from leave the information in the comment section so I can post it.

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