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I need to throw a party so that I can serve champagne like this.



Backyard Skating Party

I wish I had an icy pond in my backyard like Kate from Beautiful Days Events. It all looks so magical.

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Twig & Thistle Baby Shower

Are you looking for a baby shower theme that is stunning and original, but like me lack creative skills. Because if you are Twig & Thistle has one of the most adorable baby shower kits I have ever seen. For $23 you can purchase the PDF to print up the invitations, the cards for a quiz, thank you cards, and mailing labels for the Lil’ Tweet themed shower. And if you are looking for a matching gift for the mom-to-be, or a really extravagant favors, there is a matching DIY pillow kit for $15 each . Everything is available in the traditional baby colours of pink, blue, yellow, and green. And you can even buy the little matching pencils for the quiz.

Beach Ball Invitations In Containers

The weather in California is getting nice enough to start planning pool parties. This is just the invitations for those parties. You can write on the beach ball in permanent ink and then give it in the container. $12.99 for 12.

Parents Magazine Easter Party

Did you see the super cute Easter party in the current issue of Parents Magazine? It’s was produced by Paul over at Sweet Paul. I’m loving that egg and bunny garland.

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Coolest 1st Birthday Party Ever

This may the best birthday party thrown for a one year old. I love parties that are easy to put together.

And it would work for a little boy or a little girl.

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My Son’s Cereal Theme Birthday Party

I threw my son a cereal theme party for his 10th birthday. I wanted an easy party to put together and clean up after . And what 10 year old boy doesn’t love cereal.

It was super simple, just a few types of cereal, chocolate chips, blueberries, raisins, milk, orange juice, gummy bears and some other candies. I love sending home little kids on a sugar high. And there were small cups filled with yogurt and mini chicken and waffles. Nothing took longer than 10 minutes to prepare.

The favors were 16 ounce cups filled to the brim with candy. One little boy said it was just like Halloween. Parents around my neck of the woods aren’t so anti-sugar.

I just set up some glass vases with everything in them on a table in the playroom. His Transformer collection had to be moved to Grandma’s room, but everything turned out so well.

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